JKI and The Truce Project. Jordan's Latest and, perhaps, most important Album (Truce, Vol. 1) just released.

Even as the entropy worldwide is rising, I am ever hopeful. I’ve finally completed an album which helps me to live in that illusion, but also there are a Lot of people doing really cool things that help illuminate and advance the details of sustainable paradigms. I hope to bring people together to help clarify, and simplify, common definitions for the terms of our engagements. “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” – A. Einstein

Jordan, Kevin, and Isaiah – JKI – are stepping up the number of Live Performances. Winterhawk is still alive and well, though on hiatus since the May 4th 2013 Concert at Ragnarokkr Fest, Chicago. The Truce Project puts forth some ideas that might just work; along with some people who are actively leading the way... “Just because it hasn't been done before does not mean that it cannot be done... – On the contrary; Nearly all profound innovation has arisen from those that have lived by that philosophy.” – Let's Rock...

Winterhawk performs in Athens, Greece on March 6th 2014, at the Up the Hammers Festival. We hope to bring back some video... Jordan will be performing throughout 2014 with Winterhawk, JKI, Crashland and The Radio Hour.

In addition to music, Jordan has put forth The Truce Project which advocates for a new approach to ‘Economics’ that might just work. The links will be growing to more of the people who are actively leading the way... “Problems cannot be solved by the level of awareness that created them.” A. Einstein. “A modern economy is largely an illusion we've bought into. A better illusion is possible.” – E.M. In the meantime try to grow green plants horizontally, vertically, everywhere that makes sense. And envision a Conservation-based Economy... Peace and good luck to all of us...

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Jordan Macarus / CFM / Winterhawk / JKI live dates are shown below.

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The first CFM CD, "Face in the Mirror", along with 6 other releases, is available for sale in Recordings.  Most of Jordan's music is available for digital downloads and ringtones at iTunes and other digital retailers.

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